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Affordable Wedding Hair And Makeup

Affordable Wedding Hair and Makeup

Every bride wants to look amazing on her wedding day. After all, the bride is the center of attention and it’s natural to want to look your absolute best. You’ll be photographed doing everything from getting dressed to walking down the aisle, to portraits with family and dancing at the reception. This is why so many brides choose to have a professional do their hair and makeup for the big day. Many brides also arrange for their bridesmaids to get the same treatment. But what if you’re on a budget? A trip to the salon isn’t cheap, so in this article we’ll cover some ways to get affordable wedding hair and makeup without busting your wedding budget.

DIY Wedding Hair and Makeup

If you’re trying to do wedding hair and makeup on a budget, the most obvious route is to do it yourself. DIY wedding hair and makeup is feasible, but there are some things to consider first. Your wedding day is a mix of excitement and stress. There is a lot going on, and many brides don’t want to have to worry about doing their own hair and makeup. If you do decide to do your own makeup, give yourself plenty of time and try to have someone help you even if it’s just for their advice and support. The last thing you want is to feel rushed or stressed about your look.

But what if you’re not good with makeup or hairstyling?

Instead of trying to pull off a fancy up-do, go for a simpler style. A great cut with minimal styling will always look great without a lot of fuss. For the makeup, don’t over-do it. Think natural beauty instead of cover girl. You can find great tutorials online. Just search for wedding day makeup on YouTube.

Many department stores have trained makeup artists on staff who can give you advice and even show you tips for applying your makeup. Buy quality makeup for the best results and experiment before your wedding. Practicing applying your wedding day look so that when the big day arrives you’ll feel confident about doing it yourself.

Instead of paying for the whole bridal party to get their hair and makeup done, invite them to your home or hotel room and do each other’s makeup. You’ll have fun hanging out with your friends and family before the big event and you won’t spend a ton of money. You can even serve cocktails and snacks to make it more of a party atmosphere.

Hire a Freelance Stylist/Makeup Artist

Another option is to find a stylist / make up artist online. There are many talented stylist and make up artists that are willing to come to your home or hotel to help you get ready. Their fees are far less than what you might spend at a salon and the result can look just as good. Ask about their rates and see if they charge hourly or per person. Consider the size of your bridal party and determine what is cost effective. Make sure you see photos of their work before booking. You want someone who does this type of work often and is used to working in the style that you like. Find photos of looks that you want to try. This will help the artist create the perfect look for your big day.

Additionally, ff you have a favorite stylist that you normally go to for haircuts, and you trust their work, you might be able to hire them for the day.

Tips to remember:

• Experiment with different looks well-ahead of your wedding day. Start thinking about what look you are going for.

• If you plan to DIY your wedding hair and makeup, be sure to practice a few times in the weeks leading up to your wedding. Have a plan and make sure you will be happy with your own work.

• If you don’t feel comfortable doing your own hair and makeup, have a trusted friend or family member do it, or find an affordable professional stylist online.

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