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How A Destination Wedding Can Save You Money

How a Destination Wedding can Save You Money

Imagine escaping to a tropical paradise to get married in a picturesque setting at a beautiful resort. Sounds expensive right? You might not consider a destination wedding as a way to save money. You have the added travel expense, and the hassle of coordinating a wedding that’s likely far from home. But the truth is that you could actually save a lot of money compared to planning a local wedding. Destination weddings are becoming more popular with couples who would rather spend their money on experiences rather than a big wedding. In this article we’ll explain how a destination wedding can save you money.

Fewer Guests = Lower Costs

Typically wedding costs increase in direct relation to the number of guests in attendance. It makes total sense if you think about it. More guests equals more money spent on food, beverage, chair and linen rentals, favors… you get the idea. The beauty of a destination wedding is that the distance will automatically limit the number of guests who will be able to attend. Some guests just won’t be able to make the trip. It’s also easier to limit your guest list to close friends and family for a destination wedding without feeling like you are snubbing uninvited guests. For the bride who wants a big wedding with all of her friends and extended family, a destination wedding could be a deal-breaker. But for the couple looking to keep their wedding costs low, this is an easy way to keep your guest list in check.

Have an Amazing Wedding and Honeymoon—All in One Place

Planning a wedding and a honeymoon can be overwhelming. There are so many details to figure out. But if you honeymoon in the same location as your destination wedding, it’s more like planning one event/trip. If that sounds good to you, read on!

Many resorts have all-inclusive wedding packages, and can provide all of the services you’ll need for the ceremony and reception. Having the resort handle these services means you’ll only have to deal with one vendor—the resort—as opposed to hiring each service separately and dealing with many different people. Resort staff are usually very knowledgeable and experienced (they do this all the time). That means they will do most of the hard work for you. Not only will this reduce the amount of stress in your life, but it could also help you cut your overall wedding costs. Many resorts offer tiered packages with different price points, which allows you to simply select the package that fits within your budget

Some resorts even offer deals, like “Book your wedding with us and get a 4 night stay.” Even if this type of deal is not offered, ask if they can offer a discounted room rate or other incentives. They want your business after all, so they may be able to offer discounted room rates for you and your guests.

If you’re planning a destination wedding, here are a few tips to remember:

  • Pick the all-inclusive wedding package if your resort offers one

    An all-inclusive package will almost always be more affordable than piecing together a custom wedding. The resorts put these packages together to maximize efficiency, which means lower costs for them, and for you too. It’s a well-oiled machine, so you won’t have to stress on your big day.

  • Choose a location that is accessible for most of your guests

    Getting married in an exotic locale can be amazing, but if getting there is a pain, your guests wont enjoy the trip. Try to choose a location that is accessible by major transportation routes. Example: if you and most of your guests live on the east coast of the United States, choosing a destination wedding location in Hawaii will mean that everyone will spend a whole day traveling. A destination in the Caribbean may make more sense logistically.  

  • Get officially married before you leave.

    Every country has different rules and regulations pertaining to marriage licenses, so the safest bet is to get it all sorted out before you leave home. That way your wedding ceremony becomes just that—ceremonial. All of the legal stuff has already been taken care of, so you can just enjoy your big day without having to worry.

  • Get married in the off-season.

    Many destinations have a busy season and an off season. By choosing the off season for your wedding, you can usually save a lot of money on your wedding costs.

It may not be for everyone, but for the savvy bride and groom a destination wedding can save you money.

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