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Baron company provides an integrated planning service for organizing private events and parties in the United Kingdom (London) and in other countries, in cooperation with international companies specialized in organizing large events in Europe and the Arabian Gulf. We have a distinguished team work to organize the largest festivals, local and international events to a large extent of professionalism and effective communication with clients. Our services vary from renting party supplies and equipment of all kinds, to designing indoor and outdoor event halls decorations, providing the latest innovative sound technologies and colorful moving lights that add an atmosphere of joy, happiness and romance to the place, in addition to decorating event halls (roses, arches, entrances, corridors, and the newlyweds’ seating stand).

At Baron, we provide the most luxurious cars with the driver service, which is a distinguished service that we offer within the United Kingdom. We also meet the needs of special events and weddings, in addition to making every effort to provide the best logistical and technical services, and providing a distinctive comfortable atmosphere by bringing in the best known bands that suit all tastes, as well as dancers, in addition to external hosts who have a lot of experience and professionalism at work, to enjoy an exceptional night in which charming details are difficult to forget.

Baron Company offers a distinguished menu of luxurious oriental cuisine that brings together the nectar of different cultures and customs of many countries. If you love shisha, you will find different types and flavors to suit all tastes. We also provide a wide selection of drinks that meet your requests, especially fine wines, which are offered with a range of other drinks, cocktails and juices as you wish.

At Barron, we provide audio and video production services, in addition to live video recording for events, conferences and weddings. Design in Baron Entertainment has its brilliant title, so we create our unique designs, whether they are (wedding invitation cards, designs related to hospitality requirements, and even the invitation stands in the entrances of wedding halls, and the embroideries on the decorations) and everything related to the newlyweds and their requirements.

We start with you from the smallest details and delve into broader and more comprehensive details, with the help of our business and organization associates in various industrial sectors, whether in the United Kingdom, or in the Gulf countries.

Leave the planning to us and enjoy a unique and exceptional occasion that will not be repeated!

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