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We understand that planning your event is going to lead to you having many questions to ask. Whether it’s simply a question about booking our equipment or you’re in need of advice about your event, then, Baron Entertainment will have the answer.

We have put together below some frequently asked questions that can help answer some of the queries you may have regarding many parts of the process in planning your event. Should you require further information or if you simply fancy a chat with the Fun Experts about your event, then, please do not hesitate to call us.

Do I need a professional event planner?

Having a dedicated and experienced event planner will ensure the most professional, efficient and cost-effective result of your event. Events require significant time, resources and communications to organize and usually involve financial risks. Event organizers will relieve this pressure and ensure that the task is done correctly according to your expectations.

How long in advance should I make a reservation?

Once you know the day of your event, we can book the appointment for you. Certain times of the year fill up more quickly than others – so be sure to book your appointment as soon as possible.

Will you stay in touch until the time of the event?

In most cases, after you’ve booked your event and everything has been confirmed, a member of our logistics team will contact you the week before your event to make a final round of event details and make sure there are no changes. Then, you will meet the Baron Entertainment team on the day of your event where we will share with you what will be a great event. If you are holding a large-scale event such as a wedding, there will be reason why we should be in touch often as we arrange site visits, contacting you regarding site plans and discussions regarding the various details of the event. Baron Entertainment brings you high quality service and is always available to talk about your event, so if at any time you feel that you need to speak to us, feel free to call or email us.

Why book through Baron Entertainment?

We offer exceptional event management that you will count on for great events every time.
We’ve booked artists for some of the UK’s most impressive corporate events.
Our customers keep coming back for the following reasons:
Our range of entertainment gives you flexibility and a wide range of creativity.
We specialize in eliciting audience consensus and entertainment so you always have the right performers for your event.
Our attentive and dedicated service saves time and makes your work much easier.
“Since I have dealt with other event companies in the past, I have found Baron Entertainment to be a well-deserved lead.”

Can we meet you?

Many events can be organized by phone and email, but for some larger events we may make use of a meeting where you can come and meet us at our Notting Hill Gate offices or we can come to visit you on site.

How do I create the right atmosphere?

The wonderful atmosphere comes from the mix of sensory experiences it offers to the guests.

Reach your desired goal by:

  • Understanding your audience demographics: age, occupation, education, attitudes, tastes and preferences.
  • Choosing the equipment, catering and coordinating the occasion to suit your audience tastes.
  • Choosing an unparalleled hustle of live entertainment that can change even the simplest of places.

Research shows that active entertainment attracts guests with strength. It is the most powerful way to create a great atmosphere.

We work closely with a huge network of artists from all over the world. Our talents can usually adapt their performance to create the right atmosphere for you.

Can you do payment plans?

Yeah! We offer 2 easy payments of 50% deposit upon confirmation, and the balance will not be due until 3 days prior to the event date.

How do I choose a venue for my occasion?

Depending on your exact requirements, Barron will find out what type of venue you need, location, price range, facilities required, and how specific and private your location is. We have extensive databases about hotels, conference venues and event venues such as restaurants, hotels and many other types of venues, which are constantly updated. For this reason, we advise our clients of the most suitable and best value location that matches or exceeds your needs and expectations.

What is event management?

The event manager handles all aspects of your event that go on behind the scenes, making sure that the food is served on time, the entertainment is ready, your guests can find a parking space, and that all of your guests are taken care of.

What kind of events can you do?

Barron has a wide variety of equipment and can cater for many events including corporate events, weddings, birthday parties, team building and careers events, and many more. Our experience and knowledge means that we feel more comfortable when it comes to organizing large scale events such as Family Fun Days and we have had a lot of fun in the past when catering events that have seen an attendance of 30 to 3000 guests.

What if the artist I want isn't available?

Often the talent you want is unavailable or unaffordable – and you may not even want to perform at your event.

Do not give up. There are many options with new and exciting business always emerging. Leave it to us to find you the best entertainment.

We run a huge amount of businesses all over the world. We keep our finger on the pulse of entertainment, so we always provide our performers with the right style, tone and look to make your event incredible.

From musicians, bands and dance groups to touring performers, dazzling light shows and captivating scenery shows, our entertainers are always ready to thrill.

I'm looking for something cool - can you help?

I certainly can!

We have great entertainment ideas, which is why we are the number one event planner in London. Proper entertainment goes beyond the hustle and bustle of a great event that you will be proud of. Delight your senses with amazing and innovative live performers who are carefully tailored to your audience.

I need ideas for entertainment. Can you help?

Certainly we can.

We have a global network of professional artists, through which we recommend the best talent to suit your audience, event goals, and budget. We achieve excellent results because we focus on audience and host compatibility.

Whether it’s a high-tech light show, a band or a musician, we’ve got the freshest ideas that will give your event the success it deserves.

Do you have ideas for a Christmas party?

We have a lot of new ideas for end-of-year celebrations.

We’ll help your entire team feel grateful for the entertainment they love.

Let us inspire you with ideas for celebrations of all sizes and scales: live bands, musicians, dancers, dazzling high-tech light shows and more.

How does your event management service work?

Our mission is to provide great entertainment for great and error-free occasions.

We work closely with you at every step:

  • We help you clarify your demographic audience and event goals. What do you want guests to think, feel, or do?
  • We put in a strategically shortlist recommendations from our diverse international network of artists.
  • We manage all bookings, contracts and briefings, giving you more time to focus on whatever you need to do.
  • For large events, we will run the event at night, at no additional cost, so that you are free to focus on other important tasks.

What is the booking process?

Once you have decided on the dates, singers, dancers or the package you would like to book for your event, we will need to speak with you and confirm all final details such as event location, area measurements, event times and also payment options. Once we have collected all the necessary information, the reservation will be added to our system and an invoice and copy of our terms and conditions will be sent. The invoice will confirm all final details discussed and a signed copy of the terms and conditions must be returned to us.

Does booking with Baron Entertainment cost me extra?

No way.

It’s all true, and this is pretty great news for your budget.

Barron’s company fees are returned to the artist as a small percentage of their earnings. This means you benefit from our decades of entertainment wisdom, an incredible network of professional talent and award-winning service, without any impact on your budget.

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