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Newlyweds Designs

At Baron, we pay attention to the smallest details that matter to the newlyweds. Through our professional team, they can choose the designs they want, whether small, sometimes printed, and engraved on embroideries or bedspreads of their choice according to their tastes.


We will send a price list to your email, or you can contact the customer service team through WhatsApp to find out all the details.

We are interested in your satisfaction and providing you with the best with high quality and reasonable prices that suit everyone and all tastes.

You can receive an invoice copy of the cost via your e-mail or through your contact with the customer service via WhatsApp, and you can pay through (bank card, PayPal, or any suitable payment method)

You can for some designs, but at least two weeks in advance, but for the rest of the designs, you cannot. If the cancellation is approved, you must pay compensation for the cost of the design.

We are always working to satisfy you and serve you optimally and comfortably.

At Baron, we offer a wide variety of the latest and finest designs that interest the bride and groom, from the wedding dress to the largest details.

We choose our designs very carefully and from the latest international design houses, in order to meet all your requirements.

Certainly, we have a distinguished design team that works according to the latest design and printing technologies, to meet your needs so that you can enjoy an integrated day of joy, happiness and perfection.

Yes, with pleasure, we can. It gives a kind of luxury and sophistication to the atmosphere of the party, to enjoy an exceptional atmosphere that will always be remembered.

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