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Drums Band and Aradah

If you want to impress your invitees in your different events, choose the most beautiful wedding zaffa and oriental or western performances in London. In Baron, we work to bring the best famous drum bands, Damascene and Lebanese Aradah for the newlyweds’ zaffa during their entry into the wedding hall, as well as during the dances, cutting the cake and presenting distinct eastern and western artistic spots that suit everyone’s tastes and spread happiness and joy in the atmosphere as if it were a carnival of love and peace.


Yes, of course, you have to call and inform our team 72 hours before the date of the ceremony to make the necessary arrangements.

You can receive an invoice copy of the cost via your email or by contacting customer service via WhatsApp, and you can pay through (bank card, PayPal, or choose the appropriate payment method).

Yes, we can, but this requires additional fees, which are added to the basic invoice.

Yes, of course, we have distinguished bands with extensive experiences that accompany you from your home to Zaffa and Kosha, with the most beautiful modern and old songs.

Their wages are average, according to the agreed period of time and if you are escorted from home to the wedding hall.

Yes, it is a reflection of their ancient and modern culture, traditions and artistic heritage.

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