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Indoor and Outdoor Photo Sessions

It is your unconventional and remarkable wedding day, you have to be brilliant in everything and document these moments in an exceptional way. You can ask for internal and external photo sessions according to your request and choices. You can review these photos whenever you want to remember the best moments of your life.

We work in Baron Company, through internal and external photography sessions for the newlyweds, to document and crown the most beautiful private moments with professionalism, so that they remain closely related to the date of the wedding day that will not be repeated. We have a professional photography team with a lot of expertise and previous experiences. Our team uses the best modern technologies in the field of photography, in addition to the best digital cameras with tripods that can take pictures in all shapes and positions to be an exceptional and unique experience that will not be repeat.


Prices vary according to the requirements of the newlyweds and their specific budget. You can request a basic photography service of high quality, or it is permissible to resort to many other additional services such as requesting assistants for the photographer during the wedding ceremony so that the photographer remains fully focused and successful.

At Baron, we strive to meet all your requirements with high quality and at the best possible prices.

The main factor for the possibility of booking is that the proposed day of the party is vacant. You can contact our team and book 48 hours in advance to reserve the equipment required for photography.

Typically 3 DVDs are produced, but you can also order a larger number of copies. We use high-definition recording technology for all wedding videos, in addition to the ability to provide you with all the original files without editing, after paying a small additional cost.

The delivery dates vary starting from one month to about 3 months. All post-recording stages are completed inside our studios, it is personally followed up by our team and under the supervision of specialists who have great experience in the field of photography and montage.

Of course, you can watch a preview of the video on a high-definition display, or via live broadcast over the Internet, where it is displayed on your own page. Then, you can suggest what suits you for music adjustments and other things, for example, cutting out some scenes or adding any feature to enrich and distinct the video.

Yes, certainly. He can accompany you and take the photos you want, our staff is ready to meet you to bring joy and happiness to you by providing distinguished and professional services.

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