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Decorating Entrances and Corridors

It is very important to decorate the entrances and corridors of the events hall as an essential part of the party décor to give guests a first impression of the events hall atmosphere.

In Baron, we offer you many options for different occasions, for example, if you want to hold a simple wedding, or if you are interested in a large, luxurious and eye-catching party, or if you have any other parties, we choose what suits you and meets your requirements and preferences to enjoy a special and wonderful occasion.


Two or three days, according to the agreement with you and your choice of the appropriate design.

You can do this according to the type of occasion if you wish, we are always keen to serve you in the way you want.

You can inform the customer service team at least 4 days in advance so that we can take the necessary measures and procedures to avoid problems or disputes. We will always provide you with what suits and satisfies you.

Yes, of course. At Baron, we choose the latest modern designs in decorating entrances and corridors according to your request, whether you want flowers, crystals or curtains inspired by international and distinctive design brands.

Certainly, we have a lot of projects. We have organized more than one occasion from the ground up, starting from decorating the entrances of the event hall, to preparing the hall itself and decorating it according to the latest wonderful modern decorations so that our services always gain your trust and satisfaction.

You can contact our customer service team and view all useful information and price lists. It will be sent to your email to save time and effort.

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