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We offer the kosha service for the newlyweds, with a lot of beautiful designs, including those decorated with the finest natural roses or luxurious accessories, with the bridal bouquet handle that gives a special aesthetic to the bride’s look. Kosha roses express a lot of details and wonderful and suggestive colors.

Because we care about our customers, we at Baron offer you the most beautiful modern designs of kosha bouquets in charming colors that color your day with colors of joy and happiness.


The budget plays an important role in designing and arranging flowers, as you can use large quantities of roses in the background or replace them with floral arrangements on both sides of the kosha. If you want to reduce the budget allocated to the flowers used in the decoration of the kosha, you can use artificial flowers or combine natural and artificial roses, especially since some types of artificial roses are difficult to distinguish from natural ones.

Of course you can, we are ready to meet your request with your groom after choosing the appropriate design and preparing the kosha. This can be done a day or two before the wedding party to make sure of the kosha decorations and arrange them in a way that suits your desires.

Our prices are thoughtful, reasonable and suit your specific budget for this purpose. We work in order to satisfy you to add an atmosphere of joy, happiness and perfection to your wonderful occasion. All you have to do is contact the Customer Services Department to view the prices and our team will provide you with all the required information.

Certainly, our team of designers is working on designing the latest trendy koshas. If you want to decorate the background with flowers, we advise you to choose a simple kosha in terms of design and color. But if you want a kosha that takes you back to the time of princesses, you just have to choose a kosha with bright details for a touch of luxury. Do not dispense with the ornate wedding kosha in terms of design and fabric.

We design your wedding kosha according to the latest fashion colors, for example, the violet color decorated with daffodils is on the list of rose colors this year, in the wedding koshas, ​​and the décor of the hall as a whole. You can adopt this color with its different shades of light rose and dark violet.

You can, instead, break the intensity of the color by combining it with white flowers to decorate the wedding kosha, so that the kosha looks like a picturesque piece that mimics nature, and adds a dreamy romantic atmosphere to the hall.

If your wedding is of a frankly royal character, rely on separate kosha chairs, with a luxurious design, but if the character of joy is more romantic and dreamy, you can choose the large wide chair “sofa” padded in light colors such as rose, or shiny gold.

You can receive an invoice copy of the cost via your e-mail or through your contact with the customer service via the WhatsApp application, and you can pay through (bank card, PayPal, or any suitable payment method).

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