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Our services are distinguished by providing everything that is modern so that the newlyweds have a legendary, luxurious wedding party that brings with it the most beautiful memories and unforgettable moments. Because one of the basics of decoration and the aesthetic of the place is to be decorated with charming flowers at the wedding ceremony, we offer you the latest arrangements and designs of flower bouquets for table decoration, where flowers are selected from the finest types of natural roses, which are distinguished by their attractive colors and fragrant smell to suit all tastes.


Each occasion has its own complete plan and equipment. In winter, we decorate the hall with seasonal flowers according to the client’s desire or resort to other options (balloons, crystals, artificial flowers and luxurious curtains).

We always aspire to win the satisfaction of our customers by providing what suits them.

You can receive an invoice copy of the cost via your e-mail or through your contact with the customer service via WhatsApp, and you can pay through (bank card, PayPal, or any suitable payment method).

You can contact our customer service team and view the price lists. They will be sent to your email to save time and effort.

Not necessarily, we can do this according to the desire of the newlyweds and their budget, as we decorate the kosha with natural flowers and put bouquets of them on the tables. The second option is artificial roses, which are designed in a modern and innovative way in wonderful colors that add a lot of happiness and joy.

Pink flowers are one of the best types in wedding parties, as they give the ceremony a romantic atmosphere. We also recommend spring roses, which are characterized by their dazzling colors and suitable for open spaces. As for white roses, they can be placed in bouquets, because they have many different shapes and suit the white dress of the bride.

Yes, there are many events that we have organized and decorated their halls with beautiful flowers and dazzling colors. You can contact our team and they will send samples of photos or even videos.

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