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Birthday Parties

At Baron, we offer distinguished birthday parties service, starting from designing simple invitation cards, to coordinating the venue of the celebration hall, designing the appropriate decorations of flowers, decorating tables and chairs, presenting distinguished artistic spots, wonderful music, food, gifts, and providing the luxurious cake and delicious drinks, so that the invitees enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and more fun and happiness for a unique and unforgettable day of life.


Yes, it varies according to age, for example, children’s birthday party programs are not like adults’ parties, or even friends’ parties. Each has its own program that is appropriate to make your event successful and feel a lot of joy, happiness and distinction.

You have to determine in advance the total amount of money you will spend, you can use our company, and we will work to properly plan your event according to your specified budget optimally, from designs to decorating the ballroom, tables and chairs, to music and entertainment.

We always strive to satisfy you through our distinguished services.

Certainly, we have a team specialized in designing invitation cards according to your desires and wishes as well. we consult with you on the form of the design and the final version of printing to satisfy all of your tastes.

Yes, we have multiple menus of foods and drinks to suit your tastes. The buffet can be arranged with one table that includes food and drinks, and another table on which gifts for the birthday party are placed if you wish.

Yes, you can, but we should be notified a week before the date of the party so that we can make the appropriate arrangements to ensure that the procedures are safe and that there are no problems or disagreements.

You can contact the customer service department at any time, through WhatsApp. Our team will work to provide you with the required information and prices. We always have the best offers for the best occasions.

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