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Engagement Parties

The engagement party is one of the most important and happiest moments that the fiancée awaits to crown this love with engagement, and to celebrate with family and loved ones on this occasion. Our specialized team at Baron Company works to assist you in providing everything you need to make your event optimally successful, from photography, to designing invitation cards, coordinating the concert hall, hospitality and providing logistics services that interest you.

We seek your satisfaction and the success of your events by providing integrated and distinct services that suit your aspirations and goals, because the success of your events is certainly our success and distinction.


Of course, we can arrange it according to the number of invitees, in which case the party will be more like a family and friends party only, i.e. a quiet and intimate party that makes everyone happy.

We have a specialized and creative photography team that documents the most beautiful moments during the engagement party. They also take special and distinguished photos of friends with the fiancés so that these photos remain a beautiful memory in their albums.

You can contact the customer service department at any time, through WhatsApp application, and our team will work to provide you with the required information and prices. We always have the best deals for the best occasions.

Certainly we can, and you can choose what suits you from the plans we have to suit your budget successfully and wonderfully. We at Baron always strive to satisfy our customers and meet their needs for a unique and unforgettable experience.

You can order a full buffet with a wide variety of foods, or you can order light meals with a wonderful cake, designed in a way that suits the occasion and the general atmosphere of the party.

At Baron, we are committed to meeting your requirements and choosing what you desire, because we always care about our customers and their success.

We work with our team to design the most beautiful decorations that suit the engagement party, which is characterized by simplicity, with calm colors, such as the colors of light and soothing flowers, that are suitable for the fiancé’s clothes to be a harmonious party with all its details and give happiness to everyone.

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