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Graduation Parties

We at Baron are interested in organizing and planning graduation parties. We offer you innovative ideas on how to prepare everything needed for graduation parties, starting from preparing invitations, party decorations, setting the budget for the party, to preparing the opening speech for graduates regardless of your budget. We work to give you a space of imagination and creativity through our distinguished team in organizing parties and all occasions.


Graduation parties are different from other parties. We at Baron are keen to make your graduation party special in every detail. For example, we can design a small brochure in a distinctive way for guests to sign on, and to write a special message directed to the party owner. We can also add joy and happiness to the atmosphere through decorating the party hall and tables with decorations that resemble the colors of the school or university and make a group of ribbons to put on the graduation hats of the friends who graduated with you at the same time, and choose the wonderful and cheerful music.

At Baron, we have many innovative and creative ideas for designing graduation parties in a way that suits all tastes and requirements.

We can do that, according to your choice of the party’s form, whether it is formal or traditional. In formal parties, the majority of the invitees must wear formal clothes, while friends can wear the same clothes and can be designed in a distinctive and unconventional way, for example, they can wear floral uniform shirts with hats of related colors to university colors or an event.

At Baron, we are committed to meeting your requirements and choose what you love, because we always care about our customers and their success.

We offer open buffet service, a wide selection of appetizers and snacks, in addition to a beautifully designed cake , and you can choose the appropriate decoration, such as a graduation cap or any symbol that indicates the occasion.

At Baron, we offer other ideas for appropriately decorating the party to give a beautiful atmosphere, one of the innovative ideas is the design of decorative ropes made of colored papers. There is also a board of wood on which several keys are attached, which they call the keys to success. Each invitee writes an advice to succeed in the future.

We can customize a photo booth with guests with party-themed accessories. In addition to the appropriate sweets, and a wreath of pictures that will be hung at the graduation party to recall the beautiful moments during the university and study period.

We have a specialized and creative photography team that works on documenting the most beautiful moments during the graduation party. It also takes group photos of the Alumni friends, friends and family, so that the graduation party becomes an unforgettable memory that will last a lifetime.

You can contact the customer service department at any time, through WhatsApp application, our team will work to provide you with the required information and prices. We always have the best offers for the best occasions.

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