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Buffet is one of the most important and most luxurious details of parties and an appreciation for friends and invitees. The buffet is also a good opportunity for acquaintance between the invitees, exchanging conversations and ideas, as well as a way of expressing the generosity and hospitality of the event makers.

Baron Company works to provide all hospitality services to its customers through a huge team of buffet workers who have extensive experience in dealing with various types of events. We can also serve you by providing a staff of workers and trainers in the most luxurious hotels according to the types of events.


No, it is not included in the buffet, but it can be booked upon request. You can contact customer service to inquire more about this service through our WhatsApp number.

Yes, you can. But you must inform the customer service at least two weeks in advance of the date of your new event so that we can arrange the booking schedule appropriately.

You can receive an invoice copy of the cost of the buffet via your email or by contacting the customer service via WhatsApp. You can pay through (bank card, PayPal and also cash payment in our offices).

At Baron, we are keen that all food preparation materials are fresh, because taste is of great importance to us in order to satisfy our customers. You can be sure of the safety of vegetables, chicken, fish, shrimp and meat too.

You can visit the hospitality company, which will provide and prepare the buffet. You can choose what you want from food, sweets, appetizers and all that needs to be served in the buffet.

We work at Baron and through our staff to help you choose the menu that suits you through the menu page you choose, then you have to communicate with our customer service to arrange payments, receipt and booking reservations on the specified dates, after that the reservation is confirmed and your order is ready.

Yes, we can provide service workers in uniform, trained to withstand the work pressure according to your requirements, and also according to the number of invitees and the hospitality agreed upon between you and us previously.

We work to serve you and provide what you desire in the best way to make your event a success and an unforgettable event.

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