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Events Cake

The cake has always been one of the most beautiful features of wedding parties and other events. The moment when the cake is cut indicates the sharing of the newlyweds in bittersweet life. The shapes placed on top of the cake are often expressive indicating the theme of the occasion and the embodiment of an idea.

We, at Baron Entertainment, offer the most beautiful cakes, with multiple flavors and shapes to suit everyone’s tastes and meet their requirements for a legendary and unforgettable wedding and a unique experience of pleasure and happiness.


Some of the grooms throw cake at each other as a kind of fun and entertainment, or the bride puts cream on the groom’s face, but remember that you should take into account there are strangers in the party too. If the party is limited to few close friends, then there is no objection in having fun and taking some fun photos.

The wedding cake will be the center of attention at your party, so one cake is enough and elegant, but if you want more than one cake for your wedding, choose small cakes, and make sure to put them on different plates with multiple heights on the table.

Cake prices depend on the mold size, design and any other add-ons you choose and are agreed upon in advance.

The wedding cake is one of the traditions and customs of the wedding, but it is not an obligation. If you want to come up with something new, you have the complete freedom. Some brides put a pyramid of cupcakes instead of the cake. You too, impress your guests with your creative ideas.

Usually the newlyweds cut the cake after dinner in case you want to serve an open buffet dinner. The cake is an announcement to the guests that they can leave the party. After cutting the cake, the elderly or strange guests can leave the party, so that you can spend some time with your family and close friends at your wedding.

Definitely, the cake is a kind of sweets. You can dispense with the sweets buffet and be satisfied with a piece of the cake, thus you can save some expenses.

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