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Choosing the drinks you want to serve at your event is not easy. In addition to the drink provided with the meals, there is also the welcome drink for the invitees.

We, at Baron, choose for you the best flavors from different drinks and juices of various shapes and tastes, to champagne and fine wines, which we carefully selected from the finest brands and prestigious stores.


At Baron, we are keen to satisfy your tastes. We have a list and a wide variety of hot and cold drinks to juices with their distinctive mixtures, in addition to other types of drinks such as mineral water, soft drinks and ice. We also offer alcoholic drinks of various types according to your desire and requests from the finest and most luxurious brands.

We have a long list of the most important alcoholic drinks such as champagne and other drinks such as vodka, whiskey, cognac and wine. Sparkling champagne with a light refreshing taste gives a relaxing atmosphere to the invitees, which is available at all first stages of the wedding: meeting guests, celebrations, and buffet.

You can do this in agreement with the customer service team in our company, we will work to provide hospitality workers to be at your service throughout the whole wedding from beginning to end.
We at Baron are keen to provide the best services you desire and are always ready to meet your needs.

It is not included. If you want to present it after the wedding party you can pay an additional fee for it.

Yes, it can be served according to your desire and request, we offer the finest wines to add joy, happiness and fun to the atmosphere of your event to be more than distinguished.

Prices vary from one drink to another. You can contact the customer service department in our company, see the list of drinks and prices, and choose what suits you. We will work to satisfy you. Our goal is always to make your events a success and to have a unique experience in terms of joy and happiness.

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