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Among the things that increase the happiness of the invitees to events and weddings are the meals and catering hospitality that include various types of food from different countries, whether eastern or western.

At Baron, we are keen to present well-known types of buffet foods for occasions, such as the main popular dishes that remind the invitees of the authentic heritage and culture of the country from which the majority of the attendees come from, in addition to the wonderful catering and hospitality customs, adding more joy and  intimacy to the atmosphere and giving a unique, exceptional and memorable experience.


You don’t have to pay money for tasting the food. We look forward to building a long-term relationship of trust and satisfaction.

Yes, they are the best and excellently trained hosts to serve guests in a decent and distinguished manner.

Good reception, excellent service, product quality, rich menu according to agreement, hosts who will serve you throughout the party, and above all, providing services that exceed your expectations.

Yes, of course, we have certificates approved by specialists and institutes in which our workers are trained. We also have certificates in the quality and conformity of foods provided to specifications and safety standards.

Yes, of course, we can suggest, according to your requirements, what suits you and your specific budget. You can choose and agree on what is required with the specialists of our company.

We care about our customers and their satisfaction, so we share with them our experiences and services. Surely you can taste the suggested and agreed menu.

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